Tabadol Program


The TABADOL Fellowship program is supporting 10 social entrepreneurs to work with 10 Civil Society Organizations. The goal is for them to come up with innovative solutions to collectively tackle local issues in an entrepreneurial and sustainable way.

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Discover the 10 CSOs and 10 entrepreneurs that have been selected for the Fellowship program!

They joined the Fellowship

“The fellowship opportunity through Tabadol has helped AlNayzak to fulfill its mission by supporting disabled children and youth through integrating VR Technology in disabilities diagnosis and treatment. Our work within the Tabadol program contributes to the advancement of incubated project prototype, which was introduced and tested for the first time in Palestine by AlNayzak.”

Aref Husseini, chairman of Al Nayzak, Palestine

“MMKN’s participation in the makesense Tabadol programs accelerated our innovation capacity, through the right EdTech match, creathon competition and workshops. The program offered us a great opportunity to develop a new sustainable initiative that strengthen students’ education experience and keeps them in school.

Omar Habib, Associate Director (Education, Marketing & Operations), MMKN NGO, Lebanon

“Working with our fellow Sabine El Zein, doing incredible things for a few months was very inspiring to me, and definitely prompted me to reflect on my future career path… I think we have made some significant progress and came to some very interesting conclusions. […] We are now moving towards the prototype phase which was not expected at the beginning of the program. Tabadol and Sabine both inspire hope and determination in me.”

Dr. Mohammad Issa, General Manager of Yes Theatre, Palestine

“The program was a wonderful opportunity to access new learning materials thanks to the Tabadol coaching sessions, as well as being able to connect and work with BuildPalestine.”

Rawan Rajab, Tabadol fellow Palestine

“Tabadol was the springboard for me to access a lot of new opportunities, making me more dedicated to my project. I really recommend this program because it was very unique and practical, unlike many other theoretical programs.”

Reem Daher, Tabadol fellow, Lebanon

“The programme helped me become more agile, and gave me a better understanding of social media platforms and how to engage with the audience. I was also better exposed to the current practices in the media industry.”

Wael Kays, Tabadol fellow, Syria

“I was always looking for an opportunity to collaborate with people outside my country; Tabadol helped me work with people who hold different perspectives, and made me realize my goals.”

Osama Khalil, Tabadol fellow, Jordan

“This fellowship helped me apply my knowledge in practice. For example, What I have been studying in Sustainability, I managed to plan it and apply it as business practices.”

Nour Al Ajlouni, Tabadol fellow, Jordan

“Tabadol gave me the opportunity to practice my leadership and entrepreneurship skills, improve them, and also develop new ones that would pave my way towards a better future for me and for the people around me.”

Eslam Abo El Hawa, Tabadol fellow, Syria